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So, first of all I would like to say how happy I am from the fact that two of my most favorite bands released such wonderful albums this year. One is OK, but TWO great things for one year?… this is just AWESOME for me. After such long pause of not releasing anything… I was really really exited! What I like the most about the albums is the thing that they are really different form the stuff the bands previously did.. I find some mellow feeling in both of the albums, and sometimes they sound a little bit more settled and in the same time they rock!  It’s interesting how in both of the albums there is a piano! It gives really amazing sound to both of the groups. I was really surprised and pleased.. the resulting combination just thrills me every time I hear the sounds..

If Not Now When? by Incubus is darker slower and more trippy album .. and because I loooove that kind of  stuff there was no chance not to love the album (even though it’s really really different from all their previous stuff, which actually got me to looove them). It is definitely very very interesting… I love the whole album but also have a personal 3-track playlist: If Not Now When, In The Company Of Wolves and Tomorrow’s Food. I listen them on repeat 😀 sometimes (really often if I have to be fair). For me Isadore is the song that makes the connection with the previous album 🙂 I love the thing that  each Incubus album is different and has half thing from its predecessor and half of new sound.. Maybe that’s what makes me love them so much… the dynamic and the constant search and evolution..

I’m With You by RHCP is just an AWESOME, AWESOME album. As I said there is a piano on some of the tracks here too… It sounds awesomely gentle… BUT the most that I love about this album is the FUNK!!! It’s in each song.. and I lot of instruments, this is really a rich peace of art. I can’t stop listening to it a week already and that’s everyday just RHCP – I’m With You, hour after hour, after hour … it’s insane .. 😀 It’s harder here to mention some fav tracks because ..  the list will be almost the whole tracklist… I’ll write the ones wich has the most plays for now by me … but I’m not sure if this will stay the same 😀 .. Brendan’s Death Song (the story behind the song touches me), Ethiopia, Police Station, Even You Brutus?, Adventures of Raindance Maggie, Goodbye Hooray, Factory of Faith .. OK I have to stop here, but my fingers won’t 😀

I decided to put two youtube videos and they happen to be my recommendations 🙂