Who am I? I am just me. I’m a bit crazy 😉 I like being crazy 🙂 -> I like being me 🙂 I like good people, I like bad people (that are actually good) 🙂 I love smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂 and having fun. Love adventures, nature. Love MUSIC. Can’t live without MUSIC!

Music that I listen to -> my last.fm

.. Along with the music and nature I love technology. I have a BSc degree in Computer Engineering from Technical University – Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently I am an iOS Developer and I find programming for multi-touch devices very interesting. I like playing with computers and their parts. Love playing with tools in my hands… Other than that I have one more addiction – sports! Yes, I am a big fan of sports – football, basketball, table tennis, F1, biking, snowboarding, skating, skiing…. more, more and more. And for the record: MANCHESTER UNITED 4ever! 😉

  1. InTel says:

    ха, кой имал блог 😛 да видим дали ще познаеш чии е този коментар ;]

    • stellzz says:

      абе аз може да пия ракия ама и помня 😀 само като видях “Powered by Slackware” и вече ми беше ясно 😀

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