Early Christmas present :)

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Music, Photos

This December began so incredibly well with full bag of great surprises and presents for me. I still can’t let the awesome feeling from the Wax Tailor concert. It really  electrified me. Like on every awesome party I couldn’t resist this time again and sang all night with no voice almost (result from hard party nights from the previous week). My smile was upon my face the whole night and for the great finale I had the chance to exchange a few words with Wax Tailor himself and memorize the moment with a photo. As I remember the moment now ..  my heart is melting 🙂 So that’s a good reason to preserve the emotion from these memories here.

Wax Tailor @ Sofia Live Club

How can you talk about money when I’m talkin’ about soul… ♥

  1. InTel says:

    Като (Ако) дойда в София догодина ще ме заведеш на някакъв концерт, че тия жени ме хвърлиха в депресия, не е добре работата 😀

    • stellzz says:

      Ооооо ти само концерти искай от мен, навсякъде те взимам 😉 ще си имунизиран срещу всякакви депресии! Гарантирам!!! 😀 хехехе Ама трябва да направим бартера – ти да ме водиш на хакерски лекции, хехехе 🙂 Deal?

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