In Wonderland

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Music
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Last week I felt like I want to listen to Bonobo – one of my favorite musicians and I picked up the “Days to Come” CD. A lot of the songs are with the beautiful voice of Bajka. Then I wondered .. “Hey I ‘ve never looked for her solo stuff…” She is doing a lot of collaborations and I was so gladly surprised when I find out that last year (2010) she released her first solo album. Downloaded it and the journey began! I can’t stop listening to it. It’s on repeat a week already! When I listen to each track it’s like someone is reading me a tale… I felt exactly this way and then googled the album for the lyrics, that’s how I ended up with this review:

In Wonderland
In Wonderland

“…The lyrical and musical theme is a metapher for the sub conscious search of subjective happiness in life.This,supported by the superb drummer Philipp Bernhardt and played in a jazzy way,adding funk,hip hop,latin,soul and a superb string quartet and horn section (flutes and saxes),additionally contributes to the ageless,dreamlike quality of this unique release…”

Great, Great solo album from Bajka!!!! ♥♥♥
I recommend this album to all of you who like jazzy/downtempo stuff! You will fall in love!!!


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