2010 – My MASSIVE year

Posted: December 19, 2010 in Music
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As the end of the year comes slowly the strongest moments from 2010 come to my mind more often these days. And one definitely deserve to be mentioned here. As I told before one of my dreams become true past this year. Back in the days when I was in high school I never thought it was going to happen. The moment that I’m talking about is the concert of my favorite trip-hop band Massive Attack an me being on that concert. When I heard about the news for the concert I felt electricity going through my body, my heart and mind were going to explode. I counted the days for the ticket sales to begin and on the first day I took my handbag, went out of work to grab my ticket! That was the most satisfying ticket purchase from long time ago 🙂 🙂 🙂 Then the second countdown began – the days left before the concert. Well they flew away if you ask me.

The concert was simply AMAZING! The opening act was from Martina Topley – Bird. She performed really well and interesting stuff. I wasn’t huge fan before that. But after that night she got me 🙂

When Massive Attack came on the stage the crowd just explode. They began with “United Snakes” from the new album Heligoland. My god when I hear the beats I’m just not me anymore…..

The crowd is amazing… Everyone knows why is there… So much energy in the hall… words can’t explain it… Great beginning, then the beautiful Martina comes out for “Babel” and the show continues… I was amazed by the visuals for the concert. Really deep and meaningful messages, colors!

Then song after song … I would post each one of them but the post will become really huge instead I’ll include link to a youtube playlist from the concert and here I’ll put some of my fav moments from the night. One of those moments is the next song “Future Proof”.. which is also one of my fav Massive Attack tunes …. I looove the dark deep stuff from MA! Me feeling pure pleasure here 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

After this I thought I’ll have some break.. but NO NO my dear, this won’t be tonight at least not now…. The really new piece from the band “Invade Me” came next .. I’ve listened a live performance of it from a concert on youtube and I was hoping they will perform it. This track is not on the album and is not out yet. And the band was really pleased from the positive reaction they got from the people. I really hope it will come out soon, ’cause it’s blowing my mind, I love it!!!

After that – amazing, amazing performance of “Teardrop”… Speechless!

So much in a row….. MEZZANINE! I am almost dead 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 a hahahahaha

For a final before the encore of course INERTIA CREEPS … moving up slowly…. I hardly breathe …. but who cares… me not ….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

For the encore I am reborn! Singing, dancing like crazy, don’t feel anything but the ecstasy from the music! Big, massive thanks for the night, MASSIVE ATTACK! I love you, and I will always love you!!!

setlist: here
youtube playlist: here


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